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The activist club creates an environment where students can voice their opinions on various topics and translate those feelings into social change.
Meetings: Every Thursday (Lunch)
The animal club raises awareness among students of issues related to endangered species, animal cruelty, and animal care.
Meetings: Every other Wednesday (Lunch)
The art club creates a safe space for aspiring artists to express themselves and create art in different forms and styles.
Meetings: Every Monday (Lunch) in the Art Room, room 53
California Scholastic Federation recognizes outstanding students and provides information about colleges and universities, scholarships, and internships.
Meetings: Every other Thursday (Lunch) in room 104
CYC invites Christians and non-Christians to learn more about God and grow in the faith, while spreading love, encouragement, and support.
Meetings: Every Friday (Lunch) in room 28
Colt Society helps communities in need through blood drives, food drives, and other service events.
Advisor: Ms. Ellis
Meetings: Every other Wednesday (Lunch)
The ecology club seeks to educate students on the importance of the environment by focusing on conservation of the unique ecosystems of El Camino High School, the Bay Area, and California.
Advisor: Mr. Jordan
Meetings: Every Friday (Lunch)
FIDM strives to create an environment for all individuals to express themselves through a shared love of fashion.
Meetings: Every Wednesday (Lunch)
Futurelab is an initiative of life sciences company Genentech. Its purpose is to promote science education among students of South San Francisco Unified School District (SSFUSD). 
The initiative is comprised of three programs including Gene Academy for elementary students, the Helix Cup Challenge for middle schoolers, and Science Garage for high schoolers. 
Meetings: Every Wednesday (Lunch)
GSA creates a safe and supportive space for individuals to discuss and learn more about issues affecting LGBTQ+ students.
Advisor: Mr. Ho and Ms. Smith
Meetings: Fridays (Lunch)
Interact club promotes peace by connecting people around the globe through our sister cities.
Advisor: Mr. Wang-Belt
Meetings: Every Tuesday (Lunch)
Interclub Council (ICC) is an organization whose main purpose is to promote and unify student clubs on campus, to create an environment for all clubs to collaborate on activities, and to share resources and ideas, so that every club event is successful.
ICC is comprised of club members who want to make a difference in the El Camino High School community.\
Japanime club introduces people to the many facets of Japanese pop culture and provides a place for fans to bond and collaborate over their shared interests.
Meetings: Every Friday (Lunch)
Key club builds character and develops leadership skills by fostering a passion for community service in collaboration with various non-profit organizations.
Advisor: Mr. Gassaway
Meetings: Every Monday (Lunch)
Leo club provides information and resources to communities surrounding global crises.
Advisor: Mr. Yanover
Meetings: Every other Thursday (Lunch) in room 17
The political science club encourage discussion of political ideas in order to inspire healthy, respectful political conversations surrounding past and present issues.
Advisor: Ms. Perusse
Meeting: Every Tuesday (Lunch)
Psychology club provides students with the resources to lean more about mental health and explore issues surrounding psychology.
Advisor: Mr. Haffner
Meeting: Every Monday (Lunch)
SIA promotes volunteerism and helps to create better and stronger leaders through relationship-based activities that inspire participants to live passionately and act purposefully.
Advisor: Mr. Padilla
Meeting: Every Thursday (Lunch) in room 13A
Writer's Block promotes and encourages the development of self-expression through creative writing. We believe that writing is an art that deserves as much attention and appreciation as music, dancing, acting, and singing.
Members participate in workshops, discussions, activities, and projects involving poetry and the writing of short stories, novels and dialogue, where they can share and critique each other’s work.
Advisor: Mr. Pine
Meetings: Every Monday (After School)