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Graduation Requirements

4 years English
40 credits
2 years Math (Algebra 1 & Geometry)
20 credits
3 years Social Studies
  • 1 year World History (10th grade)
  • 1 year U.S. History (11th grade)
  • 1 year Economics/Government (12th grade)
30 credits
2 years Science
20 credits
2 years Physical Education
20 credits
1 semester Health
5 credits
1 year Fine Arts or 1 year Foreign Language
10 credits
75 credits (minimum)
220 credits (minimum)
A normal course load for a school year is six (6) courses per semester or 60 credits a year. Students must pass math, science, foreign language, and elective courses with a grade of "C" or better to progress in that particular academic sequence.
Students who retake a course they have already passed will not receive credit twice, unless the course is designated MBRFC (May Be Repeated For Credit).
A one-period course for one semester (18 weeks) is equivalent to five (5) high school credits.
A one-period course for a school year (36 weeks) is equivalent to ten (10) high school credits.