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Information and Communication Technologies

El Camino High School media arts
Semester Course (ECHS only)
Fulfills SSFUSD graduation requirement only
Computer Applications is a one-semester course that provides the foundational skills necessary to succeed in high school and all post-secondary careers. Curriculum includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, proper keyboarding technique, internet safety and security, conducting valid research online, and digital collaboration. Up to 3 units of credit may be earned at Skyline College by successfully completing the class and passing challenge exams.
Year Course
Fulfills “G” of UC/CSU A-G admission requirements
Prerequisites: Approval of instructor, or "C" in both semesters of Geometry is recommended
This course introduces students to the field of computer science through an exploration of engaging and accessible topics. Rather than focusing the entire course on learning particular software tools or programming languages, this course is designed to focus on the conceptual ideas of computing to help students understand why certain tools or languages might be utilized to solve particular problems. The goal of the course is to develop the computational practices of algorithm development, problem solving, and programming within the context of problems that are relevant to the lives of today's students. Students will also be introduced to topics such as interface design, the limits of computers, and societal and ethical issues.
Year Course: Fulfills “G” of UC/CSU A-G admission requirements
Prerequisites: “C” or better in Exploring Computer Science or "C" in both semesters of Geometry, or approval of instructor.
Students will learn to solve problems with a computer using the Java programming language. In using Java, students will learn about object-oriented program design, program implementation, program analysis, standard data structures, standard algorithms, and computing in context.