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Year Course
Fulfills “F” of UC/CSU A-G admission requirements
Prerequisite: Passing grades in English
This course includes both performance technique and audience responsibility in the study and exercise of the basic elements of drama. Areas of study include pantomime, improvisation, voice and diction, dialects, and acting styles. Also included is a study of the history of theater and its development to the present through the reading of representative plays. The class requires student preparation and involvement in acted scenes from these plays. After school crew hours are required at El Camino High School in lieu of homework.
Year Course
Fulfills “F” of UC/CSU A-G admission requirements
Prerequisite: “C” grade in previous Drama course or teacher recommendation
An advanced course in drama, including performance and directing projects. Emphasis is given to the study of modern trends in theater. Students must participate in dramatic productions in order to receive an “A.”
Year or Semester Course
Fulfills SSFUSD graduation requirement only
Prerequisite: Completion of Electronics, Woods 1, Art 1, Drama 1, or teacher recommendation
Stagecraft is a laboratory-styled class open to a limited number of students on a semester basis. Members of this class serve as the stage crew, operating the auditorium stage and its facilities. Areas of study and activity include stage lighting, scene design, set construction, operation of electronic equipment, and maintenance of the auditorium facilities. A minimum of 25 hours of after school work is required in lieu of conventional homework. MBRFC